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I just finished my newest project ‘Coming Clean’ which is a book about launderettes in the South of England. You can check it out on Behance here.

D&AD nomination

Got nominated for D&AD design awards, amazing experience.

Colorplan Papers

Designed by; Made Thought

Made Thought studio recently developed the brand identity and digital collateral for Colorplan, a versatile range of papers that was first developed in 1972 by G F Smith. By reflecting the expressive qualities ‘inherent in the paper’, Made Thought engages the audience with the simple and beautiful qualities with the paper itself rather than relying on any printing or finishing techniques. 

A gorgeous range of papers and a gorgeous piece of contemporary design. 

Typeface is bespoke to this project and was developed by Colophon Foundry.

Commodity Identity

Designed by; Ferroconcrete

Beautiful branding constructed hand-in-hand from the ground up by Commodity and Ferroconcrete. Noticing the fragrance industry has barely touched upon the digital age, Commodity targets modern consumers by creating a service that allows users to engage with scents that better match their own styles and routines. 

"The market seemed to be saturated with shirtless male models and lofty slogans—so we set about creating a modern brand of scents that felt accessible even for people who aren’t into fragrances."

Beautiful, simple design. Stunning use of the typeface Tiempos.

Photography by Luke Pearsall


Established & Sons

Designed by; Micha Weidmann Studio

Micha Weidmann Studio is a London-based art direction and design studio  established in 2001. For this project, Weidmann managed the art direction, catalogues and marketing collateral for Established & Sons- a British design and manufacturing company.

Stunning use of colour. Typeface is Didoni URW. 

I’m now accepting submissions to my blog.

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Red George Identity

Designed by; Hofstede Design & Tim Royall

Red George is a ‘writing and editing business that was formed in response to the way current communications are changing’.  To avoid listing the possible applications for professional writing and risk putting the business in a pigeon-hole, Royall developed an identity based on ‘tongue-in-cheek’ lines that underpin the importance of words to a potential client. The cards were then taken to letterpress in a one colour process. 

Really gorgeous design, love that typeface.

Maeven Identity

Designed by; Lotta Nieminen

Maeven is a Brooklyn-based online shop with a collection of vintage and preowned designer clothing. Designed by New York-based designer Lotta Nieminen, the identity utilizes a bold modern interpretation of vintage envelopes- using a distinctive pattern pixel-like pattern to represent the stores online presence.

Fantastic colours. Typeface is Modern No.20 & Italic

Alishan Tea Packaging

Designed by; Victor Design

Beautiful design by Taiwan-based Victor Design, this packaging design for Alishan was inspired by the unique tea growing climate and views of the Alishan region of Taiwan.

Really beautiful design.